3 Ways Music Can Heal You

3 Ways Music Can Heal You

Whether is the blues of good ol’ rock n’ roll, quite literally everyone has a type or specific types of music that they deeply love and appreciate. Music is deep sated in human nature, there is really no questioning the premise that music as evolved, just the same we that we as humans have.

While mostly listen to music for fun, entertainment of simply just to have a good time, there is actually a lot more that comes from listening to that favorite song of yours.

Yes. Even though might not actually know it, there are several real benefits to listening to music regularly. Want to find out what these are? Simply keep on reading this!

1. It Releases Feel-Good Chemicals in the Body

When you listen to music, you are inadvertently or subconsciously stimulating the release of feel good hormones. Through listening to music, your brain is able to begin the synthesis or creation of the hormone dopamine.

This in turn radically changes how you feel, your emotions, your perception levels and, (of course), your movement.

2. It Influences the Mechanic of the Body

Music deeply affects and influences us as humans. It is so strong, so powerful that several studies have shown that certain music also influence us on a fundamentally psychological level.

Music can influence how our heart’s beating rate, the pace at which we breathe and even speed up or slow down pulse rate. All of these influences ultimately culminate to stimulating a very physical reaction and response of pleasure!

Simply imagine the numerous medical implications and benefits of this.

3. Music Can Remedy Many Negative Feelings

You may have probably noticed that when you are down and you listen to some of your favorite tracks, it lifts your spirit. Or, you might have noticed that whenever you can’t sleep and you put in a song, you can doze of almost immediately?

Music has been shown to be an effective remedy against negative emotions and even insomnia.

So whenever you listen to song next, just know you’re doing yourself a world of good!