5 Tips on How to Eat Healthy for New Runners

5 Tips on How to Eat Healthy for New Runners

If you have started running and you are a beginner then you have to change your diet. Basically for a healthy life, only running is not essential along with it you have to change your eating habits to get satisfactory results.

Many people do exercise regularly but they are not living a healthy life and the reason behind this is that they are not eating healthy food.

Here we will provide you with a proper diet routine with which you can improve your running stamina and it is for both beginner and experienced runners.

Keep your Diet Simple

Go for a running after taking carbs, like a toast with bread, veggies with bread etc; don’t eat anything of high fat before going for a run. After running eat protein because it works as an energy booster for the body. Keep your diet simple and eat a diet which contains low fat such as oats, yoghurt, eggs etc.

Focus on Fresh Food Items

The basic problem of the beginners is that they get distracted by unhealthy food but we have a solution for that problem. Make a simple chart of low-fat food items before going to market and avoid packed food. Buy fresh food items like vegetables, fruits, cereals and oats.

Drink a Good Quantity of Water

Keep your body hydrated throughout the day because when you engage in exercise water helps to remove dead cells and waste materials out of the body. Water improves the immune system of the body because it recovers damaged muscle at a rapid pace.

Make a Balance in your Diet Plan

Your work won’t end here after choosing the right food items, now your basic duty is to take the right amount of calories in a day. An ideal eating routine consists of 55% of carbohydrates, 25 % protein and 20% of unsaturated fats.

Choose the Right Time to Eat

After maintaining everything now doesn’t eat throughout the day select the right time to eat a meal. Eat 60 minutes before going n running and this is only to boost energy levels in the body and after 30 minutes of workout eat the required amount of protein.


The diet routine mainly depends upon the type of workout you are planning. It also depends upon the metabolism of the people. The stomach of some people digests food at a fast rate and in some people digestion takes place at a slower pace that’s why diet routine varies from people to people. But after avoiding Junk food and start eating a low-fat diet everyone can achieve his goals.