5 Workout Tips For Beginners

5 Workout Tips For Beginners

In this year more than a million people have decided to live a healthy life, they have begun exercising to get themselves fit and healthy. Maintaining a balanced pace is very important for beginners so in this way they can reduce the chances of injury. We will give some tips and tricks about the workout to beginners.

Start your Workout Slowly

Mr John Higgins who is Dean of the Exercise Physiology department of the University of Texas stated that Start workout gradually; don’t start with a hard workout routine.

Start slowly because it is better for the body and further he said that if you are a beginner do workout 2 to 3 days a week and don’t extend more than 30 minutes.

Stretch Your Muscles before Workout

According to Heggins “The beginners should have to do stretching before starting of workout because it warms up the muscles of the body and reduces the risk of muscle injury”

Engage Yourself in Other Healthy Activities Too

Don’t stick to the same workout strategy every day you can make your workout quite interesting by playing some sports after a workout. You can do 20 minutes swimming, or can half an hour tennis or cricket whatever you like. If you stick to a simple workout then you will get bored soon.

As a Beginner Start with a Right Consultation

Higgins said that “The first thing you should do as a beginner is that know your weight with the help of a weight machine and then consult with the people in the gym. Don’t become shy to ask from others about anything related to workout. Start your workout with consultation and proper strategy.”

Take Break and Give Rest to Your Muscles

Many people in the gym who are beginners continuously go to the gym without giving rest to their body. Higgins advised that type of people that your muscles will not get recovered and you will face muscle injury because every muscle of the body needs rest to repair.