How to Find a Specialist Who Works With Sports Injuries

How to Find a Specialist Who Works With Sports Injuries

Did you just have a sports-related injury? This is the best time to relax so you mend your body. However, you cannot do this alone. There are specific specialists who work with sports injuries. Here’s how to find a specialist who works with sports injuries.

Questions to Ask

Depending on which specialist you get to work with you for sports injuries, ask your specilist these questions:

  1. What medical degree do they hold?
  2. What special training do they have?
  3. What experience do they have related to treating athletes?
  4. What specialty do they focus on in treatment?

Specialists to Consider

Should I Go to My Doctor?

Your primary care physician is not the best pick to work with for a sports injury. Of course, they can diagnose the injury. After the diagnosis, the doctor will refer you to someone with specific training in sports medicine.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is your best bet. They treat all sorts of injuries. Some are even specifically assigned to sports-related injuries. Through these sessions, the physical therapist integrates training and rehab principles in order for a fast recovery.


Seeking a chiropractor is another specialist you should seek in your recovery process. Chiropractors help relieve the pressure of the area of the body where it hurts. Most chiropractors suggest surgery and prescription medication.

Athlete Trainers

Trained professionals who work exclusively with athletes are the best specialists to help with sports injuries. Trainers help patients make better decisions on where to take their treatment. They also have knowledge on whether you need to see a specialist.


For foot-specific injuries, seek a podiatrist. These specialists study feet and ankles. A podiatrist works with athletes prone to foot or ankle injuries exclusively so they can start running again.